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9oct6:00 pmAstoria Tango Club

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The Astoria Tango Orchestra is an eleven-member group that upholds the tradition of the big Tango bands from Buenos Aires’s golden era.
Founded by actor-singer Héctor Pablo Pereyra, the A.T.O. brings together some of the most renowned tango musicians from Argentina and New York.

The Astoria Tango Orchestra is the only “Orquesta Tipica” in the USA.
The denomination “Orquesta Típica”, in Argentina is given to the big tango bands that have string section (of violins, viola, and cello), a bandoneón section (of 2 or more bandoneons), and a rhythm section (of piano and double bass). An orquesta típica is an expanded version of a sexteto tipico, which includes 2 bandoneons, 2 violins, double bass and piano.

As of December 2014 the Astoria Tango Orchestra is conducted by Daniel Binelli, master bandoneonist.

A.T.O. Live @ Lincoln Center